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       won the first place in Hebei Province and China Olympic Mathematics and Physics Competitions.

Graduated from the Department of Physics, Peking University

Founder of Beijing Lanjies Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Inventor of water-free flushable toilet technology

25 years of dedication in the sewerless toilet industry


Served as the first director of the Public Toilet Professional Committee of Beijing City Appearance and Environmental Sanitation Association

The first leader of the expert group of the Toilet Committee of the China Environmental Hygiene Association

The first chairman of the Toilet Committee of China Tourist Attractions Association

Member of the first and second China Urban Environmental Sanitation Technical Standardization Committee

Member of the first and second sessions of the Environmental Health Standardization Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

Expert of Yunnan Provincial Culture and Tourism Public Service Expert Committee


The waterless flushable toilet has won the China Patent Excellence Award awarded by the China Intellectual Property Office, the Outstanding Case Award of the First National Toilet Technology Innovation Competition awarded by the Gates Foundation and the former China Tourism Administration, the Excellent Case Award awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, the second prize in the innovative R&D project group of the first Rural Toilet Improvement Technology Product Innovation Competition, and was selected by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China as an outstanding case of cultural and tourism equipment technology improvement in 2019.

Presided over the revision of GB/T 18973-2016 "Classification and Assessment of Quality Grades of Tourist Toilets".

Presided over the formulation of LB/T 071-2019 "Basic Requirements for Sustainable Sewerless Tourist Toilets"

Represented the National Standards Committee in the formulation of ISO30500-2018 "Sanitary Facilities System without Drainage Pipes"

Presided over the revision of the national standard GB/T18092 "Water-free Sanitary Toilet".

It has contributed to the case of a sanitary toilet without sewers in China that has been in continuous operation for 16 years and has been used by more than 3,000-10,000 people a day (Queyoumen of the Forbidden City). It has contributed to the tourism case of sanitary toilets without sewers at an altitude of 5,410 meters (China-India border) in the world. , contributed to the case of 119 temporary sanitary toilets without water, sewers and electricity purchased through the official bidding for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.



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