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During the SARS period in 2003, Beijing Landwasher Company received a call from the SARS quarantine area, saying that the stool of SARS and suspected patients may contain disease-causing viruses, and medical staff needed to mix it with 84 disinfectant before dumping it safely. This process can easily lead to droplet inhalation infection, which is very dangerous. They asked if we could develop a toilet that can crush and disinfect feces. We told them that flushable toilets can automatically crush stool and toilet paper, sterilize, and disinfect. The other party asked us if the deodorant in the toilet can kill SARS. We said not necessarily, but we can use the mix of the 84 disinfectants as a deodorant. The other party asked us if the concentration we set could meet the disinfection requirements. We said that we could set the concentration and dosage of each disinfectant injection as required. So, during the SARS period, a number of anti-epidemic toilets with professional crushing and disinfection capabilities for patients' feces were born. These toilets were transported to the Daxing Isolation Zone under the Beijing Municipal Education Commission.

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